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What is Functional and Integrative Medicine?

Functional medicine is a comprehensive approach to health and wellness incorporating lifestyle, diet, and specific diagnostic testing to help uncover root causes of illness. Diagnostic testing primarily focuses on hormone balance, including adrenal function, as well as digestive pathogens and food sensitivities.

Integrative medicine, like functional medicine, also incorporates lifestyle, diet, and diagnostic testing as an approach to health and wellness. In addition, integrative medicine expands on treatment and diagnostic testing to include environmental, nutritional, infectious, immune, and neurochemical evaluations for a wide array of health problems.
Both approaches have similarities, but for some practitioners their desire may be to incorporate a few integrative medicine treatments into their practice such as targeted nutritional therapy or adrenal testing, and not pursue a total transformation of their practice which is often the goal of functional medicine.

Other terms often used to describe functional and integrative medicine are complementary or alternative medicine. There is a lot of crossover between these terms so for our purposes here, we will simply use ‘Integrative Medicine’ to be inclusive of functional, complementary, and alternative medicine.

How Can Integrative Medicine Help With Neurological Problems?

Neurological disorders are often chronic in nature. For example, Alzheimer’s disease is linked to biochemical imbalances now known to be linked to various inflammatory and oxidative stress problems. The use of convention medicine only works to slow the deterioration of this disease, but integrative medical approaches such as targeted nutrition and antioxidant therapies are often beneficial too in preventing Alzheimer’s cognitive deterioration.

Other brain and nervous system problems, including mental health issues, as well as autism-spectrum disorders, can be significantly helped with integrative medicine approaches such as testing for chronic infections, food sensitivities, and utilizing various nutritional therapies to deal with the underlying imbalances that are often at the root of these disorders.

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What Types of Issues Can Integrative Medicine Help With?

Integrative medicine is well suited to help almost any type of health disorder whether it is physical, mental or emotional. In reality, there are not many circumstances in medicine and health where integrative medicine doesn’t have an answer both diagnostically and therapeutically. Conventional medicine excels in acute care medicine, i.e. lifesaving interventions and surgery. Unfortunately, it often falls short for many people with chronic illnesses such as autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, hormone imbalances, degenerative neurological problems, mental health challenges, etc.

What Makes IMA Different From Other Training?

IMA is a comprehensive online training site for a variety of courses in integrative medicine. What makes our courses unique is the in-depth material offered by practicing clinicians in their fields of specialty that are both informative and immediately applicable in clinical practice.
Each course comes with a number of support documents, i.e. protocol templates, patient handouts, as well as webinars and separate question and answer sessions all of which are recorded for later viewing. In addition, we offer ongoing access to the course instructor through our participant forum for added educational support outside of the scheduled Q&A sessions.

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