Free Integrative Medicine Webinar Presented by
Kurt N. Woeller, D.O., and Tracy Tranchitella, N.D.!

“COVID-19, Immune Function and Strategies for Maintaining Health”


  • 1

    Latest research on how COVID-19 is causing infection.

  • 2

    Research on various botanicals that may aide in immune function for viral infections.

  • 3

    Research on various nutrients that can support immune health.

  • 4

    Which integrative medicine laboratory tests to consider.

  • 5

    Special information for the Autism community.

Dr. Kurt Woeller &
Dr. Tracy Tranchitella
- Hosts

“COVID-19, Immune Function and Strategies for Maintaining Health”

This Webinar will explore various strategies, e.g. natural, nutritional, lifestyle, they are doing personally and at home, as well within their private practice for people seeking assistance to maintain their health and immune function. The current coronavirus pandemic is generating a lot of fear and uncertainty which is understandable. However, there are many strategies that can be implemented that are known to improve wellness and support immunity such as botanicals, nutritional supplementation, exercise, sun exposure, etc.

This Webinar is designed for a general audience, as well as health professionals. Part of the lecture will focus on research related to COVID-19 (and other viruses) and various integrative health strategies. There will also be information directed to the autism community for parents and caregivers of individuals with special needs. Finally, Dr. Woeller and Dr. Tranchitella will describe things they are doing personally and for their family.



Thursday, April 9
3:30 pm Pacific Time

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