Autism Mastery

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This 16 week course is an in-depth study of integrative medicine principles scientifically shown to be effective for deficits, dysfunctions, and health problems commonly seen in many individuals suffering from an autism-spectrum disorder (ASD). This course is designed for licensed physicians and doctors (M.D., D.O., N.D, D.C) and other allied health professionals (PA, NP, CN, etc.) interested in learning the specifics of integrative medicine for this special needs population. This course is also available to any parent or guardian of an individual with an autism-spectrum disorder.

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Note: this course is designed for health professionals in its presentation style discussing clinical treatment protocols, biochemistry, laboratory assessments analysis, and other clinically relevant information).

Course Objectives:

1. To provide detailed information linked to Dr. Kurt N. Woeller’s 4 Pillars of Integrative Medicine for Autism-Spectrum Disorders: Gastrointestinal Health, Dietary Intervention, Nutritional Supplementation, Methylation Support.

2. To provide a solid background in each pillar category with emphasis on laboratory assessment and interpretation, clinical correlation to common issues seen in ASD, treatment protocols, case study analysis, and emphasis on prioritization of intervention.

3. To provide an understanding of chronic yeast and clostridia toxicity, oxalate problems, neurochemical imbalances, and other biochemical problems – along with specific treatment interventions for each.

4. Introduction to the intricacies of Organic Acids Testing and the myriad of markers that represent problems commonly seen in ASD, as well as other integrative medicine tests necessary for ASD intervention, (i.e. Food IgG, Urinary Peptides).

5. To provide a solid foundation in laboratory interpretation, targeted nutritional supplementation necessary to support ASD individuals, and easy to incorporate protocols.

6. To provide detailed information on methylation biochemistry issues common in ASD, and various therapies available to support methylation, including Methyl-B12 therapy (injections, nasal spray, oral dosing).

7. Ability to troubleshoot common problems seen in clinical practice with ASD individuals. This troubleshooting ability is critical with regards to proper sequencing of therapies and to understand common pitfalls in practice.

8. Participants will understand how to do a quick, efficient, and targeted clinical intake to maximize important information that helps with prioritization of laboratory testing and therapy implementation.

What’s Included?

* Over 20+ hours of LIVE (recorded) educational webinars
* Over 16 hours of LIVE (recorded) Question and Answers (Q&A)
* 6 Months of access to Dr. Woeller for ongoing clinical support through the Private Forum
* Dr. Woeller’s educational material – LIVE webinars, lecture slide handouts, office forms and document templates, supplement protocol templates, sample patient program templates.
* Access to Dr. Woeller through LIVE Q&A
* Access to Dr. Woeller through Participant Forum
* Copy of Dr. Woeller’s ebook “The Amazing Benefits of Methyl-B12 Therapy For Autism.”
* Certification of Completion in Integrative Medicine for Autism-Spectrum Disorders

NOTE: The Private Forum is an interactive forum where written questions for Dr. Woeller can be posted, along with Dr. Woeller’s responses. This forum is very useful for course participants while the course is going on, as well as after for ongoing clinical support.

Who Can Attend?

Anyone can participate. However, this course is designed for healthcare practitioners with a background in clinical medicine, biology, biochemistry and/or general health assessment.

Practice Certification vs. Certificate of Completion

Each licensed doctor or allied health professional who successfully completes Dr. Woeller’s course and associated course exams will receive a “Practice Certification” showing their competence in the foundational principles of integrative medicine for Autism-Spectrum Disorders. The overall score for all exams must be 70% or greater in order to receive “Practice Certification.”

Non-licensed individuals will receive a “Certification of Completion” once the course is completed .

Course Highlights:

This course will focus on the specifics of Dr. Woeller’s 4 Pillar Approach to Autism-Spectrum Disorders:

• Dietary intervention
• Foundational and targeted nutritional supplement therapy
• Digestive Health with emphasis on chronic yeast, clostridia overgrowth and other common intestinal issues, (i.e. constipation, poor digestion).
• Methylation problems and intervention including the use of Methyl-B12 (oral, nasal, subcutaneous).

Each Week You’ll Get:

• 1 LIVE webinar presentation by Dr. Woeller
• 1 LIVE Question/Answer Session with Dr. Woeller (approximately 60 minutes)
• Daily Access to Dr. Woeller Through Participant Forum
• Optional “one-on-one” training with Dr. Woeller for more clinical support (specific
patient/client laboratory interpretation, clinical troubleshooting, etc.).

Each LIVE webinar and Q&A session will be recorded and available for re-listening for participants not able to attend the LIVE event.

Each participant will receive weekly course material (i.e. lecture slides, pdf articles, video links (when applicable), and/or other support material) prior to the next scheduled webinar and Q&A session.

Course Requirements and Recommendations:

• Internet capability able to accommodate live webinars (compatible with
• Willingness to learn, participate, and work diligently.

It is highly recommended that each participant come to course with either patient/client labs of the Organic Acids Test (OAT) from Great Plains Laboratory, or a personal OAT. Parents or caregivers should bring your child’s OAT results done within the past 3 months prior to start of course.

Healthcare Practitioners – it is suggested that the OAT be done on yourself if possible. There is no better way to learn integrative medicine than to do testing on yourself. If you are a licensed doctor, you should be able to order the Organic Acids Test on your own from Great Plains Laboratory. Contact them directly at Great Plains Laboratory.

Non-Licensed Healthcare Practitioners, Parents or Caregivers – an option for accessing the Organic Acids Test is to order through Lab Tests Plus. This websites provides access to a myriad of integrative medicine tests without having to visit a doctor’s office.

Registration is now open!

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